O b s c u r e Radio
(A very old guide to obscure Internet radio stations using streaming AAC & MP3 technology, some no longer in operation)

Listings include:
LG73, Radio X Live, Lonestar Country, BlaBla Radionet, NeverEndingWonder Radio, Toon Radio,
The X Music Network, mpFreeUK Radio 
and B98.

Lonestar Country Radio
Vancouver’s Best Music Mix, broadcast live! This Internet radio station brings back the excitement of LG73 with hot hits along with a wide variety of specialty shows with live DJs. Now in 132k pure AAC, 64k mp3PRO and 36k AAC+ v2 Optima Gerdophonic Stereo!
A great mix of contemporary and classic country. It’s music for “kissing cousins!” Lonestar Country is the 2005 Live365 Best Country Station winner!

Radio X Live
Yohio’s #2 choice for alternative music! Broadcast in 64k mp3PRO stereo. No longer broadcasting. :-( Check out the Leet site linked from the above graphic.

Until the end of 2012, radioWayne was an eclectic selection of folk, singer/songwriter, acoustic, swing, cajun, bluegrass and hard to classify music. radiowayne was broadcast in 128k stereo on Live365.


BlaBla Radionet
Whenever Loko gets out on a day pass or a night pass, you’ll find him in his garage broadcasting a live talk show full of complete and utter bull****! Talk radio like you’ve never heard it before. More coherent and more fun than Christina Dee. Live shows now on Saturday nights! Loko speaks multiple languages including occasional English! 

Until a massive computer failure in 2012, you could "Take a Musical Journey Through Space and Time."
Rare & Unusual Music & Comedy. NeverEndingWonder Radio was hosted by the Ponderously Pontificating UNCLE OZMA. It was spiked with a liberal dose of new, independent artists. 2004 Live365 Best Freeform Station award winner, and 2004 Live365 Most Idiosyncratic Station winner.

Toon Radio Welcome to the home of animated sound on the Internet. Since its humble beginnings, Toon Radio has been playing the best soundtracks from great animation series and games. Hosted by the legendary Meson the Sage! Broadcast in 32k mp3PRO stereo.

The X Music Network broadcasts from Columbus Ohio, USA, and plays today's Christian Hit Music. Artists featured may not be as illustrated in this banner. The X features "Positive Rock Radio." 
The X

DJOnABox Internet Radio UK
Box Radio UK was the 1st iRadio Station Live 24/7 from the Romney Marsh UK
Recently replaced by the now defunct Absolutely Radio Bug. Mykee T. is now heard on FM radio in the Kingdom of the United.
Founded in 1999, MPFreeUK radio strives to give you the best songs from the 80s, 90s, and the new millennium. The station is mainly an 80s and a dance music station, with revolving shows and live broadcasts.

B98 Country

B98 is one of the top 2 stations on Live365. Massive Joseph plays the best hillbilly mix on the planet! Check out B98 on Live365. 97-3 The BIG Joe is also on Live365! Big Joe is still number 2 behind Famous Amos and Hot Hits Atlanta but Nobody Beats Big Joe so it's just a matter of time until Joe's B98 is #1.


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